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Photo by @tabinoshiori

Taking advantage of being a nomadic freelancer moving around the world, I’m offering a portrait shooting wherever I go.

※Please inquiry for shooting locations


Are you a startup or newbie freelancer in the process of expanding your brand presence and/or clients basis, hoping to prove your authenticity in online by showing your face – but the budget is limited?

Are you looking for high-quality portraits in a specific theme, locations or colour grade but don’t know how to bring it in life?

Are you a solo traveller wanting to compress pieces of your unforgettable travel memories in high-quality photos, but no idea who to ask for?


If you are one of those, I would be able to help!

Service Overview

  • Private portrait shooting using a Canon mirrorless (EOS M3) and a prime lens (22mm/f2)
  • 1-2 hours of shooting in outdoors or/and indoors (no studio shooting)
  • 10-20 pieces of selected portraits
  • High-quality results which went through postproduction in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Comes with a mood-board specifically designed for your needs



Theme-oriented unique outcomes

All pictures are delivered through postproduction, which means I can accommodate for specific requests in editing, such as colour grading and brightness.

If you want a particular theme in your portraits, such as consistent colour setting for instagram feed, let me help you to bring your image in life.

Easily accessible

I’m a semi-professional in photography as I mainly work in illustrations and graphic design. And I started shooting portraits simply to have fun with it.

So I’d say this service is pretty casual in a way, and you are welcome to contact me casually as if to ask your friend. If you feel hesitant to ask studios and professionals for portraits, this service may suit you!

Plans and Service Fee

Light Plan:240USD

What’s Included?

  • A moodboard
  • Up to 1-hour shooting
  • 10 pics of high-quality photos
    +18USD per pic(s) for additional editing

+ Transportation fee (if required)

Nomad Plan:380USD

What’s Included?

  • A moodboard
  • Up to 2-hours shooting
  • 20 pics of high-quality photos
    +16USD per pic(s) for additional editing

+ Transportation fee (if required)


Photo by @tabinoshiori
  1. Initial consultations via Emails(1-3 days)
  2. Create a moodboard(1-3 days)
  3. Conduct a meeting at a cafe or coworking space nearby to set the shooting date and location(Skype meeting available if necessary)
  4. Deposit a full payment in USD or JPY based in USD by one of those methods: Paypal, Transferwise or direct deposit to a Japanese bank account
  5. Shooting! (1-2 hours)
  6. Choosing photos for polishing up (right after shooting or later days)
  7. Editing and retouching (about a week)
  8. Final corrections, deliver the data through the online

Estimated total delivery time: 10 days to 2 weeks


I love how perceptive she was to my brand! She’s very communicative, open and laid back. She really listens to your needs.

ー Isabelle Ysebaert, Mind&Body Coach

I really enjoyed working with Akane. She has the capacity to make you feel very comfortable in front of the camera.

Akaki Koman, Illustrator and Designer

I was impressed with the locations and poses she selected before the photoshoot. The resulting photos were not only beautiful, they had a natural minimalist style that’s both trendy and professional.

Alexandra C. MacArthur,  Filmmaker and Educator

I asked Akane to shoot portraits for my blog. She accommodated all of my requests properly and I’m very happy with the result. I’d love to work with her again sometime!

Sayaka Taira, Graphic Designer and Self-published Writer


You can also check those videos and resulting portraits at my Instagram stories highlight (@beeawanderluster).


What is the file format of the resulting photos and how to be delivered?
The file format is high-reso .jpg and they are delivered through an online file transfer service.
Can I request further correction and/or adjustment after once edited?
Yes, you can request so up to 2 times for free(Note: not 2 times per photo) before the final delivery. Additional +10USD per request(s) occur afterwards.
Can I also have unedited photos?
I’m afraid but I can’t provide them. I would want you to receive only high-quality edited photos.
Can you accommodate a couple or group shooting?
It depends on the circumstances. Contact me first and let’s talk!


If you have any other questions or request for a custom quote, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message from a request form below!

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