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Welcome to my blog ‘Wanderingbee’!

I’m Akane, a nomadic freelance illustrator and graphic designer originally from Japan. I document and share my travel stories, knowledge and tips of living abroad with a bunch of pictures and videos I took along the way.

Mostly I write about the topics listed below:

  • 海外ノマド、海外長期生活情報
  • 旅の豆知識、体験談
  • 世界各国の文化紹介
  • ワーキングホリデー、海外就労情報
  • 海外専門・語学留学、語学学習(英語・スペイン語)について
  • デザイナー+元バリスタ目線のコラム、お役立ちネタ
  • Travel information as a nomad and general tips of living overseas for a long-term
  • Travel destinations, tips and personal experiences
  • World’s diverse cultures
  • Working abroad and Working Holiday tips
  • Study abroad and languages (English and Spanish)
  • Small talks from my designer’s, and ex-barista’s eyes


You can find my real-time nomadic stories on Twitter(@hive_aka_en), Instagram(@beeawanderluster)and hobby travel videos on YouTube. Feel free to check out and follow me!



By the way, the blog title ‘Wanderingbee’ literally means ‘a bee wandering around’

Bee a wanderluster.

This copy represents me 🙂


You can find more about me at:


For details about my freelance services, please have a read at this post.



* Photos and images on this blog except for advert banners and with references are taken(including screenshots) or created by me. If you would like to use any of those, please let me know form contact form before downloading. Please do not use any content without permission.

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