About this blog

Welcome to my blog ‘Wanderingbee’ 🙂

This blog is running by nomadic freelance designer Akane(茜) : I’m sharing my travel and lifestyle with a bunch of pictures and videos I took along the way.


Topics are mostly from my long-term overseas experiences, such as:

  • My real stories and experiences of living abroad
  • Diverse cultures
  • Tips on Working Holiday and working abroad
  • English study
  • Recommended travel destinations and experiences
  • Small talks from my designer’s and barista’s eyes


You can find out my real-time nomadic stories on Twitter(@hive_aka_en), Instagram(@hivebyaka)and YouTube. Feel free to check them out and follow me!



The blog title ‘Wanderingbee’ comes from my another creative project called Hivebyaka‘.

Bee a wanderluster.

It represents myself!

In addition, the origin of the name ‘Hivebyaka’ is that it can divide into two words = ‘Hive’ and ‘by aka’ = me(Akane), Where my projects(Bee) is to be(Hive).
* ‘Aka’ means ‘red’ in Japanese and ‘Akane’ is also a name of a red colour in Japanese traditional colour scheme.


You can find further information about myself the post below.

For details of my service as a freelance designer, please have a read at this post.


* Photos and images on this blog except for advert banners and with references are taken(including screenshots) or created by me. If you would like to use any of those, please let me know form contact form before downloading. Please do not use any content without permission.

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