Freelance Work Overview


I’ve been freelancing with variety of clients from anywhere in the world.

I mostly work from home, cafes or coworking space nearby I reside with some gadgets and MacBook, thanks for my job as a freelancer that enables me to work from anywhere.

My features and strengths

I have an established skill in illustration and drawing, graphic designing, web designing and photography, plus barista skill which I gained in Australia. And also I have extensive knowledge of traveling, studying and living in overseas and Working Holiday Visa from my actual experience over 5 years.


  • Ability to provide high quality of illustrations, graphics, web designs and photography that based on my proficient skill in Adobe Creative Suits
  • Proven skills in making versatile style of illustrations along with client’s needs, from real drawing to typography art
  • Capability to contribute articles about traveling, living abroad, Working Holiday Visa based on my wide range of knowledge and  years of experience, as well as to provide or shoot photographs and brush it up.
  • Ability to research and communicate both in  native Japanese and advanced English.
  • Experience in designing for various industry including real estate, IT, apparel, food, arts and entertainment.

Taking advantage of experience in these diversified skills, I’ve been able to provide comprehensive services that suit your every need with friendly manner.


A Macbook on my hand, I was in Wellington Library every single day...

I always feel lucky and appreciate my situation that I can make a living by what I love. I would like to create something fruitful and sustainable with my clients that warms up our heart from the core, by sharing  what I love with someone to spread further.


Illustration and Graphic Design

  • Logo designing, Branding, Visual Identity, Art direction
  • Print and digital designing
  • Hand-drawing and digital illustration

Website design and contents production

  • Website designing and image production
  • HTML / CSS cording
  • Installing WordPress and customisation
  • Website contents writing

Writing and Photography

Writing or contributing articles related to:

  • traveling, studying, working and living in overseas and working holiday
  • English learning
  • cultural aspects such as music and arts

Studying abroad and Working Holiday cunsultations

Examples of achievements

Madame Yuzu Premium Ice cream
Brand identity for new premium ice cream and sorbet based in Sydney, Australia.

Happy snaps of our ice cream pyramid. All flavours are available at Sushigoi 💜💜

Madame Yuzu Japanese Ice creamさん(@madame.yuzu)がシェアした投稿 –

The client was after a Japanese designer who is capable to create eye-catching visuals to introduce oriental flavors to the people in Australia.

Making a geisha who lives in the modern world as the icon character, I created the identity coloured by traditional Japanese elements with hint of modern flavor that makes it more accessible in western world.

Ripe Coffee Company
Photographed drinks, food, products, events and staffs that all related for promotions as well as designed flyers and maintained website for a coffee roaster based in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.

Home roasting and cupping evening at Small Batch, Waione street tonight. Keep an eye out for our monthly coffee events..

🌱さん(@ripecoffeeroasters)がシェアした投稿 –

Pallet Coffee Roasters
Created drawings and designed typography for a bottle of cold brew coffee which made in-house, and also designed signs and items in a cafe of a small coffee roaster in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bottled cold brew now available at Pallet!

Pallet Coffee Roastersさん(@palletcoffee)がシェアした投稿 –

GITS international
Designed flyers, posters, website and images such as banners and icons for GITS international, Japanese IT service provider based in Perth, Western Australia.
Created an illustration for novelty t-shirt of new launched fashion brand ‘Honestly’ in Italy.

Online Portfolios

Work with me!

I’m available for freelance work and collaboration projects.

If you need my skills related above – such as graphic design, illustration, photography, contribution writing about overseas travel experience and studying abroad, or even none of them but are interested in working or collaborate with me, whatever the case, Let’s talk!

All workflows are made with phone and email and thorough web services such as Skype and Chatwork. But when I’m around your area, I’m available for meeting and discuss projects in person, which is the most favorable to be honest – either way, please contact me first.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


If you want to know more about me, like personal history and interests and so on, please have a look at this page.

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