Who’s Akane?

Hi I’m Akane, a person behind this blog. Nice to meet you!


I was living in a study with book walls in Wellington... was like living in a movie set.


I’m working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I also shoot photographs and write articles about traveling and living abroad sometimes. Currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Originally from Japan, I’ve been traveling over 5 years in total. I LOVE exploring somewhere never been,  discovering new culture, meeting new people and capturing new sights on my camera!

Here’s a brief description about myself from stranger’s eyes:


She started drawing at her early age and learned computer graphic softwares and web designing spontaneously. She sharpened these skills at schools, where she learned basic graphic design principles, and companies where she worked as a web designer.

When she was around mid-20s, she fulfilled her long-term dream going to London for studying English and graphic design for short time period at University of Arts London, where she broaden her horizons and find new perspective to the world.

She became passionate for traveling to see more different parts of the world ever since. After 2 years from returning home from the UK, she decided to pursue her next dream – traveling the world and living with her passion.

She has engaged working with international clients including from the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand as multiple designer roles thorough her extended travel over 4 years.

Besides working, she is also continuing body of personal creative projects to update online portfolios and social networking websites for the inspiration.


I’m sort of that person (in bullets)

  • Love to be in international environment that makes my sense that I’m a resident of the earth
  • Went all thorough from elementary to advanced level of English at language schools in London and Sydney, and I brushed that skill up with local natives while working and traveling abroad on working holiday visa.
  • Good coffee, healthy food, plenty of sunshine and morning yoga recharges my battery.
  • Music(mix of old and new), movies and arts are my everlasting inspiration.
  • Have strong interest in organic culture and sustainable living.
  • Countries I lived in: the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Thailand(present).
  • Barista (aka coffee wizard) is my persona and my beloved town is Melbourne, Australia.
  • Among my specialities I’m particularly good at: hand-drawn illustration, typography, film photography and collaging.


For further details about how I connected with overseas and why I decided to launch this blog, please read the very first post.

You can also find detailed information about my service as a freelance designer. I’m available for freelance project internationally!

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