Why I moved to Chiang Mai? – 5 Reasons to Stay in Chiang Mai as a Digital Nomad


Hi, it’s Akane. I’m writing this on a beautiful Sunday morning with fresh air, having a cup of coffee on a terrace of a small cafe surrounded by lots of green.

It’s been quite a long time to blog in English! I’ve been setting up and preparing for my new life chapter since the last English post in Japan. I moved to Chiang Mai, a northern city in Thailand about 2 weeks ago and I love it!

Today I’m gonna talk about why I decided to move Chiang Mai.

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3 Coffee Shops to Visit While You Are Wandering in Kyoto

Kyoto is not only the old capital in Japan but the coffee capital in modern world!

Hi it’s Akane. Here’s my new attempt – the very first post in English! I’ve been wanting to make this blog in dual languages (Japanese and English) that everyone on the planet can be accessible.

But in reality, it’s been difficult to make it happen. Because translating is such time-consuming and also due to technical aspects of WordPress. (I’m digging it, still.)

Last weekend I visited Kyoto. It’s one of my favourite city in home country and it was lovely as always. That made me think about the struggle I mentioned earlier – and I thought that, although it’s still difficult to blog in both languages, at least sometimes I could blog in English introducing something I love in Japan. And here we go. I brought it to life!

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